The answer is no and here is why. Since we cannot verify exactly how the racks are used, and with the possibility of allergic reactions and food-borne bacteria, it is our policy to provide new, clean, Sterno set-ups to each and every order.

The cost is $8.00 per set-up which includes a rack, a water pan and 3 Sterno cans. Two cans are for heating up your food and the third is for keeping food warm after the initial cans go out. The Sterno cans generally last for a little over two hours.

All hot foods arrive hot in aluminum trays and all cold foods are refrigerated in plastic trays to ensure maximum freshness and quality. We ask customers to provide ample table space to set up the food. We do the rest and will provide racks, Sterno, water pans, and serving utensils. Eating utensils are available upon request.

We have created these Instructions for Using Racks and Sterno which explain exactly what to do.

Menus should be finalized no less than 48 hours prior to your event. If it is a holiday your menu should be finalized no less than 72 hours prior to your event. This is so that we can prepare accordingly. Thank you very much for your understanding.

You can email us at [email protected]. Or call us at 609.259.0072 to speak to a team member.

Please refer to our Cancellations & Refunds page.

We never charge a gratuity or a service charge.

You can expect delicious, quality, homemade food, excellent service, and the promise that we will exceed your expectations.

You may be unable to complete your online order if there are schedule conflicts. Requested delivery time is less than 24 hours, minimum order amount has not been met, delivery is for the day and or time we are closed or fully scheduled, or there is an incomplete order or incomplete payment information. Please review your order and/or delivery time or day to see if any of these apply. If you still have an issue with our online ordering system, please call us at 609.259.0072 to speak with and/or place your order with a representative.

We do not provide any alcohol service but will be happy to recommend spirits to pair with your catered event.